Jul 25, 2012


Maintaining a blog was an idea I explored a few years ago. The problem was that I had no idea (pun intended) on what to focus or the direction of my aim. Apparently, I am out of my senses and have put together the determination to open this blog about some of the things I am passionate about, namely:
  • high quality algorithms
I know how to appreciate elegant and effective coding, in any programming language. Therefore you can expect snippets of code I consider 'pearls', either written by me (believe it or not, I consider myself modest) or found somewhere. Expect the use of any programming language.
  • free (and partial) thinking
You could say I am uncomfortable with the status quo of the preferred economic model, of the interaction of religion with the state, and the superficiality in our societies. Hopefully for you, a very few amount of posts will be about these matters.
  • geeky whatnots
As a book enthusiast, specially of science and science fiction, you can expect sporadic geeky submissions about some of my reads. Please read on your own risk! If you come to visit often enough, you may get unlucky and find something you like, resulting in longer procrastination.
This is good enough for a first post ... and then I am finally ready to officially welcome you to my blog:

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